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Registration is Closed!

This event on 1/15/2023 will support POC SWOP to provide financial assistance to sex workers of color who continue to be impacted by the covid19 pandemic.


Pole for Justice is open to all levels! The event will be a festive pole community event, focusing more on giving participants a place to showcase their art, and less on competition. All performers will receive a gift and customized award for helping support our cause!

We're limiting this show to 25 participants. Registration fees also go to POC SWOP and the Positive Spin Scholarship Fund, and are on a limited sliding scale, so contribute what you can!


Cost: Sliding scale $20-$150 to register to perform!

Length: Pieces should be between 1-4 minutes.


Music: There are no music restrictions. Please do not use music with the n-word in it if you are not part of the black community, though we will not be policing your belonging in that group. Please submit your music by January 1st.


Content & Attire: This event is 21+ so feel free to express yourself! Lick the pole, flip the bird, strip off your shirt, jerk off your shoe, or keep it more PG, it's all welcome here!

   Since the venue will be serving alcohol we do need to abide by local laws restricting attire. All nipples (any gender) need to be covered. Bottoms need to cover genitals and your butt hole and be a minimum of a g-string. You will not be punished for any accidental nip or lip slips, though we appreciate your efforts to prevent them in the first place!

   Please avoid appropriative content, though we will not be policing anyone's belonging to any race, ethnicity, or marginalized groups.

   Don't be a dick, ok? (Then again, you can dress as a giant penis if you want to...)

The SPLASH ZONE: You are welcome to physically interact with and dance on audience members in the front row, deemed the Splash Zone! They have purchased more expensive tickets and would love the attention. This is completely optional for the performers, so only do so if you're excited about it! 

The Venue & Stage: The venue is the Factory Luxe in the Old Rainier Brewery Building, check it out here! We're expecting a full house with 110 audience members and 25 performers. You are welcome to start your performance on-stage, off-stage in the wings, or making your way to the stage through the audience. There is a green room where performers can ready themselves, gender neutral bathrooms, and the space is wheelchair accessible.

   The stage itself is a 12ftx12ft area. The stage is a nook at the head of the room that is 8ft deep and 12ft wide with very dense (not fluffy) carpet, with a 4ft deep by 12ft wide stage sticking out into the room. The stage is at the same height as the area of the nook, but there is a small seam that performers wearing heels should be aware of. The stage is about 18in off the floor of the room, so take that into consideration if you intend to enter or exit the stage from the front rather than wings. The pole will be centered right/left on the stage and 5ft back from the front edge of the stage.

Factory Luxe Stage.png

The Pole: The pole will be a chrome, 10.5ft pressure mounted X-Pole with the modern spin/static X-Lock. Let us know which mode you would like the pole to start on by Jan 1st. You may change it during your routine if you want. The pole will be cleaned between performances.

Lights: There will be a music and lights manager, so you can choose your lighting. Please provide us with with your choice of lighting set-up by Jan 1st. You can choose back lighting, front lighting, and/or a spotlight. The back and front lighting can be colored or white, while the spotlight will be white. The spotlight can follow you around stage and in the audience.


The Finale: We ask all performers to stay in costume until the end of the event. For the finale, we'll play music and all the performers will emerge from the green room at the back of the venue, dancing, rolling, walking, and any other form of making their way through the audience aisles up to the stage. Then everyone can take a bow together and receive their sponsor gifts!

Photo/Video: You have the option to add on photo, video, or combo package to your registration. For photos, you'll receive 10 professionally shot images from your performance. For video, you'll receive a video of your introduction and performance. The combo package offers a discount compared to purchasing them independently. You can purchase photo/video after you purchase your registration, up until Jan 1st.

Sponsors and Prizes: We've moved away from a competition and are now hosting this event as a showcase! We still want you to get something cool for helping us raise funds, so we've partnered with sponsors to be able to give everyone an awesome thank you gift. Gifts will be distributed to performers at the end of the event. Our hosts will be awarding each performer with a customized award based on their performance. 

Schedule: The show is expected to run for 3 hours, from 7-10pm, with a 15 minute intermission. Performers are expected to arrive at 6pm to familiarize themselves with the venue and receive a briefing from the organizer. The performance order will be released 1 week before the event.

Safety: You are responsible for your own safety. Pole for Justice and Positive Spin cannot be held liable for any injury or damage that occurs during or in preparation for this event. Please stick to skills that you've practiced and are confident in.

Privacy: This event will be live and in-person! To protect your privacy, if you provide a stage name, we will only refer to you by that name during the event. We will get your direct permission before tagging you in any advertisements.

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